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INFLUENCER MARKETING-“An Age Old Idea For A 2019 World”

Audiences look to peers for recommendations. Today those peers are real taste makers. These influencers, or target individuals, share values, missions and communities with your brand. They have sizable online followings that can allow your brand to pierce through the white noise and land front and center on the platforms they have the most influence.

At StingariMedia we take a multi-pronged approach to influencer marketing, combining strategy and creative to create a well targeted campaign:
Through market research and analytics, we target profiles that show a strong affinity to your brand. We then work with the influencers to determine the goal of each campaign.

After the goals, posting schedule and content plan is determined, we work with the influencer to develop the creative assets that best align with your brand.
All content is then approved by StringariMedia prior to posting to ensure all assets are on brand.